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The late Bishop William E. Power of the Diocese of Antigonish recognized the importance of the laity in strengthening Christian faith in today’s modern world. Inspired by the goals of Vatican II, Bishop Power saw the need to prepare the laity to bring their Christian faith to their homes, workplaces and cultural lives. After his death in 2003, his work to support and develop the laity is continuing through the Bishop William E. Power family charitable foundation.

Bishop Power established the foundation in 2001, assisted by the generosity of his family. Its four purposes are assisting the poor through projects in areas such as employment and housing; supporting efforts to develop the laity for their Christian role in family life and the worlds of business, culture and politics; providing assistance to students enrolled in Catholic Studies at the university level; and aiding the missionary activities of the Catholic Church.

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We disburse $20,000 annually!


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Antigonish, NS B2G 2W5


“Bishop Power was a firm believer in the importance of supporting and helping develop the laity,” David Wallace, former Chair of the foundation’s Board of Trustees, said.

“On behalf of the foundation’s trustees, I can say that we find it extremely rewarding to be involved in the providing this support through Bishop Power’s charitable foundation.”

The establishment of the Bishop William E. Power Family Charitable Foundation was welcome news for the Diocese of Antigonish.

The Diocese of Antigonish, like all other Catholic communities, recognizes the important role of the laity in strengthening Christian faith.

The diocese welcomed the Bishop William E. Power family charitable foundation as a means of supporting the development of the laity and strengthening their Christian role in the world.

Non-profit groups and Catholic Studies students may apply for funding according to the foundation’s funding criteria.

Annually, the total amount of funding disbursed by the Foundation is $20,000.

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